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Win the Weight-Loss Challenge…

…and tip the scales in your favor!

New Steel Medical Cylinders

Win the Weight-Loss Challenge

…and tip the scales in your favor!

Worthington challenges the conventional wisdom in everything we do. This time we set our sights on medical cylinders. This time we’re focusing on medical cylinders, and now offer steel solutions just as light and clean as aluminum – sometimes even lighter and cleaner. In addition they cost less, last longer and are easier to maintain.

Worthington Medical Cylinder


  • our 10 L 200 BAR weights is 14 % lighter than its aluminum counterpart – 8.6 KG vs. 10 KG
  • our 5 L 300 BAR cylinder comes in at the same weight as aluminum


  • up to 3x stronger than aluminum
  • offers greater impact resistance
  • superior external finish extends the service life, dropping the total cost of ownership
Medical Cylinder

Easy Maintenance

  • steel threading is stronger and lasts longer than aluminum
  • makes changing valves easier than with aluminum cylinders
Worthington Medical Cylinder
Internal Cleanliness

Internal Cleanliness

  • cylinder interior is compatible with medical gases
  • high cleanliness standards ensure purity in healthcare environments
  • ISO 15001 certified