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Gas cylinders manufacturer in austria

For more than two centuries, workers at the Kienberg site have been shaping metal for the “automotive industry” – from axles for carriages to on-board tank systems for alternative fuel vehicles.

Today, employees process 27,000 tons of steel annually, or the equivalent of 2.5 Eiffel Towers.


Type 3 + Type 4 cylinder solutions

Composite Plant

The new facility serves customers at various positions in the alternative fuels ecosystem.

The H2 and CNG cylinders and cylinder systems engineered and manufactured here will help companies meet their sustainability objectives.


Europe is home to Worthington Industries’ Sustainable Energy Solutions business segment

Our people in Austria, Germany, Poland and Portugal work with customers to design gas-packaging solutions that power their businesses all over the globe.

Gas Cylinders Industries & Markets


Welding & cutting

medical gases

Medical Gases


Food & Beverages

passenger vehicles

Passenger Vehicles

commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

alternative fuels

Alternative fuels: transport & storage

life sciences

Life Sciences


Aeronautics & Maritime

A History of Pioneering
Design and Manufacturing


  • first high-tensile-strength steel high-pressure cylinder
  • lightest-weight cylinders globally


  • 1995: Composite type II and III cylinders (SCBA / Hydrogen)


  • 2003: Tier 1 supplier for German OEM CNG solutions
  • 2009: Revolutionary powder coating system ”Longlife PowerCoat“


  • 2012: ISO UN USA approvals for 10 - 50 L light-weight cylinders for North America / optional with additional TPED approval for Europe
  • 2014: Rebuild of massing plant for Acetylene cylinders
  • 2014: Increase of diameter from 286 to 311 mm
  • 2014 - 2015: Continual weight reductions – 10 - 30 % lighter than rest of market
  • 2015 - 2018: Improvement of internal cleanliness values (hydrocarbons, particles)
  • 2016: ISO UN USA approval 80 L 300 BAR for fire suppression industry and 50 L 414 BAR
  • 2018: Improvement of saltspray test hours for ”Longlife PowerCoat“
  • 2019: Extend working pressure for Hydrogen cylinders to 400 BAR


  • 2020: Start of Type IV cylinder production in new composite cylinder facility