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Pressure Technology GmbH, a Worthington Industries company, is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of valves and components for high-pressure hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG) storage, transport and onboard fueling systems.

GAS Street Components for H2 + CNG

Established in 2003, PTEC’s Burscheid, Germany, facility has its own design center and full assembly capabilities.

Partners and customers all over the world turn to us for a gas street components including: On-tank valves, coalescence filters, pressure regulators, magnetic check valves, fittings, fueling nozzles, and more. 

Some benefits of working with us include:

  • Engineering team with extensive training and experience in sustainable mobility applications
  • Customer-focused consulting on system design and prototyping
  • Design data is stored in accordance with GDPR for 15 years
  • All components carry a barcode/ matrix/ sticker
  • Multi-element components come with a serial number and parts list
  • All processes are certified to IATF 16949
  • Warranty: 2 years

For when you need the market’s most reliable on-tank valve (OTV) for controlling gas flow between elements.

Your H2 and CNG gas containment solutions need to turn gas flow on and off dependably and with precision.The PTEC Dock on-tank valve (OTV) lets you “dock” multiple elements onto the valve: electric solenoid valve (ESV), TPRD, bleed port, manual valve, excess flow valve (EFV), pressure + temperature sensors, pipe away, and injector tube.  

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Your vehicle’s fuel cells depend on hydrogen purity. Choose PTEC coalescence filters to keep your fuel system running clean.

Catch 99.99% of particles and aerosols with the PTEC Pure coalescence filter. We design our coalescence filters according to your specifications – so your vehicle’s fuel system stays safe, clean, and easy to maintain.

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How do you drop the pressure of your vehicle’s compressed H2 from 35-70 MPa to 1 MPa safely? With PTEC pressure regulators.

PTEC pressure regulators allow you to maintain constant, stable pressure to your vehicle’s fuel cells. Each component design is tailored to your vehicle specifications – ensuring smooth, safe operations.

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Two decades of Engineering excellence



2013: First homologated CNG receptacle

2013: Starting in the CNG marked with an OEM project

2014: IATF certified (ISO/TS 16949)

2017: First homologated 35 MPa H2 valve

2017: PTEC surpasses the half-million mark with 590,000 components in service

2018: Largest H2 bus project in EU goes to PTEC

2019: First homologated 70 MPa H2 valve


2021: Worthington Industries aquires PTEC in order to become a full-system provider on sustainable mobility markets

2021: To better address growing sustainable mobility marketss, Worthington Industries forms the Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) business segment, which includes PTEC

2022: PTEC valves are going to the aerospace