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Light-weight hoop-wrapped steel gas cylinders for lighter-than-air applications.

Whether diving, transporting specialty gases, or making children smile, every kilogram counts when your cylinders are on the move.

Type 2 carbon fiber hoop-wrapped steel gas cylinders deliver a 30-40 percent weight reduction. You can drop the weight of your cylinder fleet, lower the CO2 emissions of transport, and make it easier for you and your customers to handle gas packaging. 

Hoop-wrapped steel gas cylinders are also ideal for hydrogen and CNG ground storage and transport. 

Hoop-wrapped steel gas cylinders

Type 2

Compressed gases are only as good as their gas packaging.

So how should you go about choosing a hoop-wrapped steel cylinder manufacturer? Wouldn’t it be nice if one company could give you everything you want: great quality, reduced weight, internal cleanliness, innovation, on-time delivery, great value, and customer-service? Worthington is the only maker of hoop-wrapped steel gas cylinders who checks all the boxes.

Hoop wrapped steel gas cylinders – TYPE II

Cylinder Type

Water Capacity [L]

Gas Type

Working Pressure [BAR]

Diameter [MM]

Length [MM]

Weight [KG]Base ShapeNeck Ring


II10High Pressure*30018151010.2convex with rubber footwith
II20High Pressure*30021077022.5concavewith

*High pressure gases except Hydrogen, CO and mixtures thereof.

Subject to change.