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Because not everyone’s a power lifter, we’ve engineered the industry’s lightest cylinders for your food & beverage applications. Our solutions meet the highest purity standards and are certified in compliance with EC regulation 1935/ 2004.


Our Cylinders fit
where others won’t

Your customers will thank you for geometries that suit their set-ups and low weights than don’t strain their employees’ backs.

Cylinders for
Food Packaging

For fresh cheeses, meats and tasty snacks, our cylinders’ internal properties enable the purest gases for modified atmosphere packaging.

Food + Beverage Cylinder Range

Cylinder TypeWater Capacity (L)Gas TypeWorking Pressure (BAR)Diameter [MM)Length (MM)Weight [KG]Base ShapeNeck Ring
I1High Pressure*200832601.5convexwithout
I2High Pressure*2001003452.3convexwithout
I3High Pressure*2001153953.4convexwithout
I5High Pressure*2001404406.4concavewith
I5High Pressure*2001404405.9concavewith
I5High Pressure*3001404508concavewith
I6.7High Pressure*1661405607.7concavewith
I8High Pressure*20017845011.2concavewith
I8.47High Pressure*1661406959concavewith
I10High Pressure*20014080010.2concavewith
I10High Pressure*2001408009.7concavewith
I10High Pressure*30014082012.8concavewith
I10High Pressure*23016065513.8concavewith
I10High Pressure*20017854513concavewith
I13.4High Pressure*16620456016.5concavewith
I14High Pressure*20017872016concavewith
I20High Pressure*20020478021concavewith
I26.8High Pressure*166204100024.5concavewith
I33High Pressure*300229102043.5concavewith
I40High Pressure*200204144035concavewith
I50High Pressure*200229140541concavewith
I50High Pressure*350229154075concavewith
I50High Pressure*400229158086concavewith
I50High Pressure*300229148561concavewith
II10High Pressure*30018151010.2convex with rubber footwith
II20High Pressure*30021077022.5concavewith

* High pressure gases except Hydrogen, CO and mixtures thereof.