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For when the margin for error is zero. We deliver medical gas packaging that

  • is the lightest on the market:
    • steel 10 L 200 BAR weighs 14 % less than aluminum (8.6 KG vs. 10 KG)
    • steel 5 L 300 BAR cylinder weighs the same as aluminum
  • meets the highest purity standards,
  • complies with ISO 15001.


Cylinders for medical oxygen – so you can breathe easily

  • Low weight …

    … and optimized geometry for easy handling

  • Ultraclean …

    … interior – suitable for stringent medical standards

  • Stands firm …

    … with the largest circular footprint for steel cylinders

Engineered solutions for where medical gases are mission-critical


Cylinder TypeWater Capacity (L)Gas TypeWorking Pressure (BAR)Diameter [MM)Length (MM)Weight [KG]Base ShapeNeck Ring
I1High Pressure*200832601.5convexwithout
I2High Pressure*2001003452.3convexwithout
I3High Pressure*2001153953.4convexwithout
I5High Pressure*2001404406.4concavewith
I5High Pressure*2001404405.9concavewith
I5High Pressure*3001404508concavewith
I6.7High Pressure*1661405607.7concavewith
I8High Pressure*20017845011.2concavewith
I8.47High Pressure*1661406959concavewith
I10High Pressure*20014080010.2concavewith
I10High Pressure*2001408009.7concavewith
I10High Pressure*30014082012.8concavewith
I10High Pressure*23016065513.8concavewith
I10High Pressure*20017854513concavewith
I13.4High Pressure*16620456016.5concavewith
I14High Pressure*20017872016concavewith
I20High Pressure*20020478021concavewith
I26.8High Pressure*166204100024.5concavewith
I33High Pressure*300229102043.5concavewith
I40High Pressure*200204144035concavewith
I50High Pressure*200229140541concavewith
I50High Pressure*350229154075concavewith
I50High Pressure*400229158086concavewith
I50High Pressure*300229148561concavewith
II10High Pressure*30018151010.2convex with rubber footwith
II20High Pressure*30021077022.5concavewith

* High pressure gases except Hydrogen, CO and mixtures thereof.