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Life Sciences

When the focus of science is life itself, only Worthington Life Sciences vessels will do.

The fortunes of epidemiological research, bio-banking, and animal husbandry depend on the right temperature. We give you the control you need.

Freezer Systems

Whether for daily lab work or long-term storage, our freezer systems make your work easier and more secure.

Our LABS series sets industry benchmarks for user experience and efficient long-term archival biobanking.

The wide-mouth opening and superior vacuum performance of our K series freezers enables safe, reliable sample handling.


Create value for your business with tailored storage features: easy, stable vial handling, high-capacity vessels, and/ or long-term storage.

We engineered our XT Series for extra-long storage of bio-material at liquid nitrogen temperature.

The High Capacity (HC) Series offers the best in bulk liquid nitrogen storage.

We designed our Lab Series (LS) series to maximize sample holding times and lower the per-vial operations costs.

Our Artifical Insemination (AI) series were tailored specifically to animal husbandry — also available as the AI Shield series to protect bull semen from temperature fluctuations.


Our engineers designed the Liquid Dewar (LD) series for handling smaller amounts of liquid nitrogen.
Available in the easy-pour pitcher form (LD4), as a beaker-style wide-mouth dewar (5LD), and as a unique onion-style dewar (CLASSIC-25) for better center of gravity and all-around ease of use.

Vapor shippers

We engineered our Cryo Exchange (CX) Series of vapor for the secure transport of bio-materials at cryogenic temperatures.


To enhance your customer experience, we also offer a range of accessories to make working with our systems easier and more efficient. 

Web Portal

Existing customer? Make your next purchase through our Life Sciences Web Portal. You can also re-order and check order status in our self-service center.