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When it comes to the environment, we’re not perfect…
but we’re getting better every day.

Witnessing climate change and its severe consequences for the environment and society at large, change is necessary and urgent.

All organizations have a stake in this at every level and must collaborate to have an influential impact. We want to be part of the equation. Sustainability must be at the core of our strategy and everything we do.

Our strategy is to differentiate ourselves… read more

  • by offering the Industrial Gases market high quality and sustainable gas containment solutions,
  • by providing valued storage and transport solutions, onboard fueling systems for hydrogen and CNG vehicles,
  • and supporting our customers with sustainable turnkey solutions.

At Worthington Industries Sustainable Energy Solutions, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and setting a path that goes beyond our products. We will offer sustainable solutions that deliver tangible and favorable outcomes for our stakeholders, both internally and externally.

We will embed sustainability in everything from our Company philosophy to our processes, evaluation, selection, and policies. Transparency and ethics guide us.

Our sustainability strategic frame is what differentiates us.


For the Planet

For society

In the economy

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