Sustainable practices are not always easy from an economic point of view. But thinking more long-term than a single service life opens up broader perspectives and reveals new opportunities and feasible solutions.

Cradle to Cradle certification

We are proud that our steel pressure cylinders meet the strict Cradle to Cradle product criteria required for this certificate. This means that the product conforms to the principles of a circular economy.  

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Reduced carbon footprint

Our high-pressure steel cylinders, which are on average 6–7 kilograms lighter than products from other manufacturers, save fuel and reduce co2 emissions along all transport routes during their long service life. reducing our carbon footprint has also gained us customers who share our concern for responsible behavior and has reduced our expenditure on emission credits.

An external assessment agency recently conducted a co2 emissions study that quantifies these significant benefits. Contact us to learn more about how dropping weight and emissions could impact your bottom line.

ISO EN 14001

ISO 14001:2015 is an international environmental management standard that establishes requirements for environmentally-conscious businesses. We are pleased that we meet these requirements and are therefore ISO-14001-certified. 

ISO 14001