Recycle. Reuse. Renew. Save.

These four fundamental principles form the basis for all the measures we undertake.

Continuous improvement – our company’s transformation program — enables us to save a great deal of material and reduce our scrap rate and operating costs. This allows us to comply with IATF 16949:2016, the automotive quality management standard. This certification is testimony to our high quality criteria as a supplier.

All of our steel waste and nonconformities are melted down and completely recycled – re-inserted, without downcycling, into a new product life cycle.

Our innovative coating system coats steel cylinders by means of electrostatic charge, which causes the powder to stick to the cylinders. This lets us apply a high-quality coating and save paint powder.
Any powder that doesn’t stick to the cylinders is fed back to the coating nozzles. This reduces operating costs and leaves us with less waste for landfills.

Since 1910, we have been using our own hydroelectric power station to generate our power. By 2022, we will cover all of our energy needs with renewable energy. 

The water used for production is then cleaned in our water treatment plant so that it returns to nature close to its original condition.

We store exhaust heat from our production processes and use it to heat our buildings and water.

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We engineer our seamless high-pressure cylinders to meet the highest quality standards, resulting in long service life. This means that our steel cylinders can be refilled at least 250 times without the need for reconditioning or cleaning.

This extreme durability makes our cylinders more reusable than any other cylinders manufactured in Europe and on the global market.

Wherever production machines are in use, there is noise. In the interests of our employees, neighbors, and the surrounding nature, we want to keep the volume to a minimum. Therefore we continually implement both major and minor improvements such as new acoustic insulation for the polishing booth, mufflers for the exhaust stacks, keeping all gates closed during the night shift, emptying the scrap dumps only during the day, etc.

Happy employees are productive employees. Happiness therefore is key to success, which is why we have built a culture based on an excellent work-life balance, good working conditions, and respectful interactions. In 2020, we were on the “Austria’s best employers” list for the 13th time in a row – and achieved first place again four years running.