We believe it is key to eliminate all harmful components from our products. We pursue this goal with deep conviction – for the benefit of our staff, our customers, and nature.

Water-soluble paints

Since 2009, we have been using water-soluble paints instead of the solvent-based paints, which have formaldehyde as a key ingredient. Removing solvents means improving conditions for a healthier environment and healthier employees.

The life cycle of our pressure cylinders

Linear economic systems usually extract raw materials with no consideration for end-of-life scenarios. This leads to unhealthy growth (bigger, faster, farther, cheaper) … and leaves behind huge footprints that will scarcely leave room for the next generation. It’s a rat race of misleading numbers that will finish in collapse.

We try to use nature as our model, thinking and working circularly. Our products thus have not just one life, but many … a cycle of renewal, reuse, and recycling.

Type I

Type II

Type III

Type IV